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Syllabus   -   2023/2024

All meetings are held on Wednesdays in the Duns Masonic Hall, 41 Newtown Street Duns at 7.30 p.m.

30th August .23

Bruce Keith – “Are We Nearly There Yet?” Scotland’s Milestones 

September 27th .23

David McLean – Politics & Corruption in the Nineteenth Century Borders 

October 25th .23

 David Jones – Dere Street 

November 22rd .23

 Sandy Sutherland – Bodysnatching in Lauderdale

January 31st .24

 John Malden – The State Funeral of Mary Queen of Scots 

February 28th.24

Kenneth McLean – In the Footsteps of King Alfred the Great 

March 27th .24

Helen Leighton-Rose – Sin in Duns 

April 24th 2024

Members and Guests Evening
A.G.M. followed by 2 short talks  

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