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Fiction and Poetry Books

 Anyone seeking further information on any of these books or wishing to view them should get in touch with the Society Archivist using the Contact page, with whom arrangements can be made.

1) Rhymes for the Nursery Darton, Harvey and Darton London 1813
(found behind a skirting in Blackbull Street November 2003)
2) Gone to Ground by Bill Watson 2004
3) The Queen’s Gift Book (in aid of Queen Mary’s Convalescent Auxiliary Hospitals)
4) Poetry and Prose by James Coltherd (1898-1977)
5) My Thoughts in Story and Verse (vol 2) by A. J. Andrews 1982
6) The complete works of Robert Burns and the poetical works of Sir Walter Scott Vol. 1 1867
7) A Ploughman's View - a collection of Poetry by Joseph Wilson

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