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Anyone seeking further information on any of these documents or wishing to view them should get in touch with the Society Archivist, using the Contact form, with whom arrangements can be made.

D1 Historic Duns the archaeological implications of development - Scottish Burgh Survey

Department of Archaeology University of Glasgow 1981 (two copies)

D2 The Advertiser Directory of Berwickshire 1938 - photocopy

D3 Transcript of talk by Mark Douglas Conservation Officer Scottish Borders Council to the Society dated 3 March 1997

D4 The Zepps are Coming - an account of the German airship raids of World War 1

by David Fergus

D5 Particulars Plans and Conditions of Sale of Langton Estate 1924, including photographs

D6 Design Study - Draft Report on Proposed Museum of the Merse by Ross Associates, Design Consultants

D7 Duns Official Guides - 5

Berwickshire County Guides - 3

D8 Duns Town Trail produced by Duns Community Council and Society 1999 (plus draft)

Duns - a guide published by Borders Regional Council – also mini guide plus 'a short walk'

D9 Duns Town Trail produced by Scottish Borders Council 1999

D10 The Streets of Duns by William Renton 1978 (2 copies)

D11 Notes on the Rev. James Gray 1770/1830 from ‘The Minstrelsy of the Merse’

D12 Berwickshire High School Magazines 1905, 1909, 1910, 1913, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959,1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1973 and 1978.

D13 Poachers and Preserves by Stanley Savill (undated)

D14 ‘The McCrie Documents’ copies of various documents dating from 1752 relating to the family of the Macks of Ninewar

D15 Report of The Council for Museums and Galleries in Scotland on proposed Duns Museum May 1982 (2 copies) also AIM guidelines for the setting up and running of a new museum and minutes and various associated papers.

D16 Chart showing owners of the Plough Inn since 1624.

D17 Report of the Proceedings of Berwickshire Naturalists 1892 - Notes on Duns and
Duns Castle.

D18 Notes headed ‘Church of Duns’ - authorship unknown

D19 Notes from “The Journal of John Ashton 1639 being an account of negotiations with General Leslie’s Army at Duns.

D20 Article of Duns Coat of Arms and Town Coat of Arms

D21 Article of Duns Fastern E’en Ball

D22 Article on Witchcraft in Duns

D23 Article on Martin Ravelaw

D24 Extract from the Strand Magazine 1897 on ‘Lightning Print’

D25 Extract from Chambers Gazetteer of Scotland 1832 on Duns Spa

D26 Article on do – also copy web pages on Nisbet House (see also D273)

D27 Notes on the Scottish Knights Templar

D28 Blackadder: Castle and Mansion by Marie W Stuart

D29 Extract on “Pearlin Jean” from Scottish Border Country by Andrew and John Lang 1913

D30 ‘A mystery solved’ Extract from ‘the Garden’ magazine volume 117 May 1992 on Robert Fortune horticulturist also various WEB articles, also article from magazine 'The Ids around the world' September 2013 and draft of Chapter 1 of book by David Ferguson,

D31 History of the China Clipper Blackadder (sister ship of the Cutty Sark) - Basil Lubbock

D32 Notes on the Parish and Churches of Cranshaws and Abbey St. Bathans by Rev. Crichton E Eddy also Notes on Langton and Lammermuir Kirk

D33 Booklet Robert Burns in the Borders by Archie McArthur 2001

D34 ‘Scotsman’ article on Duns postmark of 1731

D35 Abstract of Accounts of Berwick county Council for years 1933,1934,1935,1952,1954,1955,1967 and 1972

D36 Estimates of Income and Expenditure for Berwick County Council for years 1966/67 and 1969/70

D37 Documents and Papers relating to grants from the Road Fund received by Berwick County Council for the period approximately 1923 to 1929

D38 Scrap and Newscutting Book kept by Berwickshire County Council re. Miscellaneous legal and financial powers and obligations

D39 Rates statistics for the year 1968/69

D40 Notices issued by Berwick County Council re. the classification of certain roads in Berwickshire 1949

D41 The History of Lodge Dunse 23 by Bro. Rev Hugh MacKay of Talmine

D42 Poem - Duns Show April 1878 by B. Balsillie

D43 Ticket to Duns Castle and Grounds October 1934

D44 Duns Golf Club Fixtures Card 1938

D45 Letter from Town Clerk Duns re. air raid precautions 28th. August 1939

D46 Receipt for milk separator dated March 1929 issued by W.C. Caverhill and Co. Ltd Ironmongers Berwick

D47 Article on derivation of Nursery Rhyme ‘There was a Crooked Man’

D48 Download from the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Database on Witches from Duns Parish

D49 Documents and Papers relating to Duns Scotus including letter from Museum Service Officer, Duns dated 31st. July 1990, Extract from English Historical Review October 1932, pamphlet, 'Duns Scotus a Man for all Time’ by Eric Doyle, Newspaper Reports on events to mark the 700th. anniversary of his birth and centenary brochure and programme, leaflet ‘Where was Duns Scotus born?’ by Rev. Charles Balik, letters from newspapers regarding Scotus’ birthplace Blessed John Duns Scotus Thoughts and Prayer Fr. Roland Walls 1993, John Duns Scotus - Some reflections on this life - by Rev. Fr. Charles Balic, Blessed John Duns Scotus - Thought and Prayers by Herbert Schneider, John Duns Scotus in a Nutshell by James B Torrance also various pamphlets.

Programme for International Scotus Congress 1966, (two copies), invitation, medal a service for above, Photographs of memorial stone (3)

D50 Drawing of pre 1790 Church.

D51 Genealogy of the Hays of Errol and the Hays of Drummelzier (Duns Castle)

D52 Letter to Berwickshire News May 2003 re. Dunse Library Accounts 1768 to 1799 and records 1768 to 1850.

D53 ‘A Few Places’ Poem by Jock Hay 1940 re different farms around Duns.

D54 Thesis by John Duncan on ‘Comparative Effects of the Railways on Peebles and Duns’

D55 Newspaper article dated 13 June 2002 on unveiling of memorial to Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay. Also article on Bughtrig House and the Ramsay family.

D56 Set of Accounts and Invoices relating to the firm of Wm. C McLaren Joiners Willis Wynd Duns covering the year 1911 and the period 1921 to 1937 relating to works carried out at numerous properties in Duns and surrounding area (6 volumes).

D56a Accounts of Andrew Wauchope Esq. of Niddrie and Sir John Halkett of Pitferrane covering the years 1843 to 1846 contained in vol 1 above.

D57 Ledger containing Will and Codicils of Mrs. Jane Maitland of Manderson who died 7th. September 1854 with Minutes of Meetings of the Trustees and detailed accounts relative to the winding up of the estate.

D58 Notices re. ’Enemy Raids’ – Berwick.

D59 Various Papers regarding the ‘False Alarm’ of 1804 including copy of Articles in Kelso Mail. Transcription of meetings Hawick Archaeology Society February 1864 and 1904, article from the Scots Magazine 2003; article from the Southern Annual 1948 etc.

D.60 Programmes for Duns Summer Festival 1950 (2),1951,1952(2),1953(2) 1954(3) 1955, 1956,1957,1958,1959, 1960,1965, 1967,1968,1969, 1970 (2), 1971 (2), 1973, 1976, 1977 (2), 1979,1980(2),1981,1982,1983 (3), 1984, 1985,1986, 1987 (2), 1988(4), 1989(2), (3),1991(3) ,1992(3), 1993(2), 1994(3), 1995(2), 1996(2),1997(4),1998(4), 1999(4), 2000(2), 2001(3), 2002(3), 2003(3), 2004(3),2005(3), 2006(3), 2007, 2008,2009, 2010 and 2015, 2018, 2019, (also draft 1961)

D61. Various papers donated by Dr. S Thomson, Mansfield and Ramsay Brack including receipts from various local tradesmen including, Alexr Malcolm, R Cowe & Sons. Peter Jeffrie, W & J. Blackie, George Graham,(swatch of invoices dated 189_) H.G. McCreath & Sons, George R Farnington, Cossar & Frisken, R Simpson, James M Wilkie, Wm Alexander & Son, Alexr Wait & Sons, Christopher Hounam, A.J. Campbell, J.C. Plews, Brook & Son Edinburgh, James Hume & Sons, Herbert G Dobson, Berwick and Berwickshire Advertiser, Elizabeth Bell (wages), W,D. Patterson, Also ticket for ‘Indian Famine’ fete; County Show admission 1959; old farming photograph and list of subscribers for ‘unknown’ (note; receipts transferred to receipts ledger)

D62 Local Plans 1) Berwickshire 1986 2) Hawick 1981 3) Galashiels 1981

4) Kelso 1982 5) Jedburgh 1984 6) Ettrick and Lauderdale 1985 7) Tweeddale (part) 1986

8) Ettrick Forrest 1987 9) Roxburgh (part) 1989 and 10) Lothian Region 1985

D63 Records, Ledgers and Correspondence pertaining to Duns and District Cow Insurance Society covering the period 1901 to approx. 1979 including list of members.

D64. Langton and Gavinton History - published by the Glasgow Herald 20th. October 1946

D65 Railway Time Table Dunse/Edinburgh/Berwick

D66 Memorial Inscriptions Gavinton Parish Church

D67 Newspaper advertisements March and May 1883

D68 Two promotion Cards from D Porter Jeweller Duns

D69 Programme County Show Duns 2004

D70 Uncut copy Berwickshire News 25th. October 1881 (contains account of the Eyemouth disaster) and 2nd May 1905

D71 Funeral intimation card 25th. December 1933 - also acknowledgement dated April 1932

D72 Copy of various articles and web downloads on the Rev. Thomas Boston 1676-1732 - also genealogy

D73 Card showing illustration of Vickers Supermarine Spitfire with notes on City of Edinburgh 603 Sqadron and Flight Lieut Richard Hope Hillary also newspaper cutting

D74 The Inscription in French on the Powder Room Window Paxton House by J.L. H Thomas 14.9.2005 Also Notes on Sophie Von Brandt (1731-1782)

D75 Various Border Verses including “Tam the Herd” anon “The Border Burn” by J. B Selkirk, “To Alex Wilson - Xmas 1927” anon “Reply to the Turnip Tipper - Uncle Alack” anon ‘A Schoolgirl’s Lesson - a county Walk Anon “A sang tae oor Doug Wattie” and others - anon “Autumn at Cockburn by Daniel Henderson “A Few Places” and Cumledge Mill Brass Band “by Jock Hay; Mrs. Paxton’s Shop

D76 Programme Kelso Show 1952 including Entry Schedule and catalogue for Handcrafts’ Section.

D77 Locality of Stipend Duns Parish 1934

D78 Catalogue Wightmans of Duns 1962

D79 Telephone Directory Folders (2) one issued by National Farmers’ Union of Mid and East Berwick

D80 Passenger list of the Emigrant Ship ‘Lord Deleval’ sailing from Berwick 13th. September 1852 (50 of the passengers from Berwick)

D81 Copy of letter (mounted on Board) signed by Queen Victoria sent to Miss Mary Augusta Gordon, thanking her for the gift of a Bible which had belonged to her brother General C.G. Gordon (of Khartoum)

D82 History of the Marchmont Humes

D83 Story of the Hilsdon Organ

D84 Notice of Exhibition by original Duns History Society in South Church Duns

D85 Notes on Julian Tank No 113 also photograph of fundraising visit to Duns and newspaper article on visit of same tank to Galashiels 1918 (also correspondence with P Jennings and copy of article from magazine ‘Wheels and Tracks’ No 68)

D86 Copy of the Boys’ Friend dated 8th. September 1906

D87 Burns’ Calendar 1929

D88 Web article on The Lillies of Langton

D 89 Folder of papers donated by Mona Edgar containing inter alia photographs taken at Duns Show showing presentation of medals, newspaper photograph of Ninewells House (now demolished); article from the Proceedings of the Antiquaries of Scotland on the Great Post Road; various cuttings and articles on the family of Home; Auldcambus Church; history of Coldingham and Coldstream; extracts from Tacks; and general historical notes; notes on tradesmen in Duns; teind roll Coldingham; transcribed copy Rutherford’s 1866 Directory; extracts from Kirk Session Records; copy of 1937 Berwickshire Directory, booklet on Mordington House. + documents relating to the Borthwick Institute (her name had been Borthwick)

D90 Article on Mrs. Sarah Cockburn or Denholm who died at Duns 20th. February 1923 aged 102 years

D91 Extracts from British Library Newspapers for the period 1707 to 1799

D92 Pages from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquarians of Scotland 111 1981 relating to excavations at Borthwick Castle by Alastair M.T. Maxwell-Irving; also extract from ‘The Castles of the Cockburns published by the Berwickshire Naturalist Club; also handwritten history (author unknown)

D93 Programme for “Songs of Praise” from Duns Old and Boston Parish Church televised 27th. September 1970.

D94 3 Invoices from George Graham, Furnisher Duns and The Black Bull Hotel. (transferred to D61)

D95 John Bull magazine Christmas 1915

D96 Nelson’s Portfolio of War Pictures 1914

D97 Copy of Berwickshire News 18 October 1881 (contains report of Eyemouth Disaster) further copy

D98 Duns 500 Official Programme plus Berwickshire News Supplement

D99 Song Duns Dings A’ by W.L. Ferguson

D 100 Hymn Sheet for Service 25.2.1990 to mark Quincentenary of granting of Duns Burgh Charter. Also Commemorative Envelope and history

D101 The Christ Church Envoy September 1936

D 102 Scrapbooks of Reivers’ Weeks 1949 to 1959 and 1960 to 1969

D103 F and D Smith’s Medal Album - owned by J. McAlpine, Swan Hotel Duns

D104 Guest Book 1898 – Elizabeth Simson Cheeklaw House

D 105 Berwickshire News Supplement dated 3rd. August 1956 to mark Jim Clark’s victory in the Indianapolis 500 motor race.

D 106 Receipt from Croall Bryson & Co. for Morris Oxford Saloon 1964. (transferred to receipts register)

D 107 Magazine Article on the Hays of Duns Castle by Sarah Cartledge 1995 (coloured photographs)

D 108 Victory Message to School children from King George V1 8.6.1946

D 109 Jim Clark Remembered – Tweeddale Press Commemorative Supplement 1993.

D110 Two National Identity Cards, Driver’s Licence 1931, Schedule A assessment 1938 and fire insurance policy 1925.

D111 Coronation Prayer to George V1 9th. May 1937 – Christ Church Duns

D112) Draft of letter found in a tea chute at Gunsgreen House Eyemouth relative to the opening of the Berwickshire Railway.

D113 Various papers and articles relating to Robert Burns’ Tour of the Borders and the Ainslie family including image of Robert Ainslie.

D 114 Lines in remembrance of Andrew Gibb pauper (fatuous) a well known Duns Character died Dec 1878 (plus death certificate)

D115 Kirkin’ o’ Reiver Service 2009 plus ticket to Official Reception 2009.

D116 Review Berwickshire News 5 November 2009 of book Duns Football Club by Colin Pike.

D117 Chirnside a Borders Village published by Chirnside Community Council.

D118 First Report of Duns Young Women’s Club 31st. October 1909

D119 A History of Southfield

D120 Notes on Marchmont House and the Hume magazine article by Sheila Foreman dated June 1958

D121 Certificate of baptism Duns Parish Church February 1905

D122 Various papers on Duns Clockmakers and clocks including extracts from ‘Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Scotland by Donald Whyte with notes appended (also copy death certificates Alexander Grinlaw and Andrew Grinlaw)

D123 Notices and letter from the County Clerk dated 19.3.1952 regarding the adoption of various roads in Eccles, Bunkle, Edrom, Coldstream, Coldingham, Gordon, Channelkirk, Ayton, Chirnside, Foulden and Hume.

D124 Guide Book and detailed notes compiled by the Earl of Wemyss and March Discretionary Trustees dated 1973 re. Neidpath Castle, Peebles.

D125 Notes on Jacob Pearson Newton born Duns 1801 pioneer of the Williams River Australia

D126 Miscellany of Newspaper cuttings etc. donated by Mrs. Mona Edgar.

D127 Catalogue of Books in Houndwood Church Library 1852.

D128 Menu for Complimentary Supper to Duns and District Post Office Staff 1903

D129 Rotary Club Diary of Duns for the year 2005 with corresponding images with 1905

D130 short article by Mrs. Jones on work at Cumledge Mill.

D131 various downloads on Manderston House plus newspaper article on the gardens.

D132 Berwickshire News 25 Sept.1896 containing report on opening of ‘New’ High School

D 133 Newspaper Report on the funeral of the Rev. W.D. Herald with a full list of mourners.

D134 Notes on the history of Duns Volunteer Hall by Isobel Candlish plus programme of ‘The Messiah’ performed to mark the 120th. anniversary

D135 Notice regarding burials in Duns Churchyard

D 136 Sales Particulars for Abbey St. Bathans House Blanerne House, Mill Lade House Reston, Peelwalls House Reston, Sisterpath and Ruthven House Coldstream.

D137 East Lothian and the Borders – a landscape fashioned by Geology - Scottish Natural Heritage 1997

D138 Duns RFC Match programmes 1990-91 and 1993-1994

D139 Gavinton Common Good Fund 10th. anniversary – Ali the Barber

D140 Duns and District Operatic Society programmes, The Desert Song 1961, The Lisbon Story 1962, Free as Air 1963, The New Moon 1964, The Quaker Girl 1965 (2 copies), Chu Chin Chou 1966 (two copies), Wedding in Paris, 1967 (two copies), Rose Marie 1966, Brigadoon 1969 (two copies), Maid of the Mountains 1971, Calamity Jane 2005 (two copies), Oliver 2006 (two copies) and Aladdin

D141 Dunse Lodge 23 Re-dedication service 200th. anniversary dinner 1961.

D142 Article from the Paper Trade Review 13.12.1912 on the paper trade in Berwickshire.

D143 Booklet on the life of Lady Grisell Baillie, first deaconess of the Church of Scotland.

D144 Programmes (11) for Regal Cinema Duns Sept. 1959 to Aug café menu

D145 Programme for visit by H.M. Her Majesty the Queen 7.7.1956

D146 Booklets on the opening of West Water and Fruid Reservoir 20.6.1969 and Whiteadder Reservoir 26.9.1969

D 147 Article on Dunse from the Gazetteer of Scotland 1834

D148 The Historical Diary of James Watson of Duns by Grace A Elliot (from the Transactions of the Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club) plus a detail of ‘Folio 8’ being items in the Watson collection?

D149 Soldiers in the Borders in the 17th. and 18th. century.

D150 Three copies of the Berwickshire News dated 5th. January 1965, 7th. December 1965, 29th. June 1982 (donated by Ramsay Brack containing articles re Duns Operatic Society)

D151 Concert Programme Volunteer Hall Duns 11th. February 2010,

D152 The Wynsone Maid and her Court 1947.

D153 Article on letter by Capt Robert Falcon Scott to Duns High School.

D154 Poem VE Celebration 1995 by Pamela Estelle Gibson Todlaw Road Duns.

D155 Article on Dr. George Henderson in Chirnside (1800 to 1864) by W.G. Henderson 2006.

D156 Valuation Roll for the County of Berwick Whitsunday 1903 to Whitsunday 1904.

D157 Newspaper Supplement ‘The Borders Back in the Day’ December 2009’

D158 The Rise and Fall of the Scottish Textile Industry – transcript of talk by Peter Johnson to the Society.

D159 Programmes Duns Burns Club 19.1.1996, 19.1.2007 (signed) 21.1.2011 and 18.1.2013

D 160 Public Park bye-laws 1902

D161 Hymn Sheet for ‘Blessing of the Plough’ service at Fogo Kirk 20.10.1994

D162 Obituary 1896 for Mr. David Lamb psalmodist and precentor West Church Duns (also conductor and musician) - also of his son James Lamb.

D163 Certificate of membership of the Order of Forresters Friendly Society 1897 and Order of the Eastern Star 1920.

D164 Article by Norrie McLeish on The Lost Village of Polwarth also article by Madge Elder on Pollart

D165 Article of Duns a (from 19th. century encyclopaedia?)

D166 Article from Back Tack Magazine August 2011 on the Reston to Duns Railway; also November 2011 Duns to St. Boswells.

D167 Various press cuttings and other documents donated by Mrs. Doreen Thomson – cuttings relate principally to Duns Scotus, Mrs. Loda Hryneczho, opening of tennis courts and reports on the formation and early meetings of the Society.

D168 Detail of place names on the Marchmont Estate covering the period 1095 to c. 1900.

D169 Details of shop owners in Duns as extracted from various business directories 1837 to 1942.

D170 Masonic Lodge Certificates of admission 1906 etc.

D171 Place mat commemorating the 300th. anniversary of the birth of David Hume

D172 Index of documents held by Dunse Masonic Lodge.

D173 Address to the new electors of Duns at a public meeting 14th. December 1832 by Mr. Marjorybanks (later M.P.)

D174 Notice to the Inhabitants of Dunse re Dunse Churchyard 4th. October 1858.

D175 Programme of admission to Complimentary Supper by the Burgh of Duns for H.M. Forces 23rd. January 1920.

D176 Programme for Concert of Instrumental and Vocal Music by Duns Town Council 20th. October 1916.

D177 Appeal by Duns Town Council 1968 to raise funds for Jim Clark memorial.

D178 Various web downloads on Cadwallader Colden.

D179 One hundred years of all-electric television by Paul Marshall – the role in the discovery of television by Alan Archibald Campbell Swinton

D180 Programme to ‘Unanswered Questions’ by pupils of Chirnside Primary School to mark the 300th. anniversary of the birth of David Hume also Festival programme.

D181 Programme for the Philosophy Festival in Chirnside to mark the 300th. anniversary of the birth of David Hume

D182 My memories of Longformacus and Stobswood Farm by Archie McArthur

D183 photograph of Duns Charter 1489 with text translation

D184 Extract from the History of the Congregations of the United Presbyterian Church 1733 to 1900 published by David M Small Edinburgh re. Daniel Kerr M.A. Minister South Church 1840 - 1880

D185 Notes on Fogo Priory

D186 Programme 58th. Annual Supper Duns Burns Club 20.1.2012 (also Song Books)

D187 Hearth Tax 1694 - photocopy and transcription.

D188 Article by Dr. David Round on Sir John Pirie and various web downloads.

D189 Notes on the revision of the song "Annie Laurie" by Robert F McEwen of Marchmont

D 190 Lease between Mrs. I.M. Thomson and others and H.M. Postmaster General of 1932 relative to property at 59 Easter Street for use as a telephone exchange.

D191 Receipt from Alexander Luke & Son motor and cycle engineers 1918 (transferred to D61)

D192 Admissionto Luncheon at Manderston, Rock Sand Derby Stakes 1903

D193 Order of Service Duns Parish Church 1911 for the Coronation of George V and Queen Mary (2 copies)

D194 Receipt from North British Railway Company 1915

D195 Programme and script for Summer Festival Pageants 1950 to 1953

D196 National Small Bore Rifle Competition Certificates David Walker 1941

D197 Rules and Regulations for the New Duns Burial Ground.

D198 Funeral Receipt Wm C McLaren Undertaker Castle Street 1928 (transferred to D61)

D199 Programme (2 copies) to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V 1935 pus jubilee bag

D 200 Order of Service for Remembrance Day Sundays 1978,1979,1980,1981,1982,1983,1984,1985,1987 and 1988.

D201 Order of Service Founder's Day Service British Legion 1979,1980,1981,1982,1984,1985,1987,1988,1989,1993,1995,1996,1997, 19981999,2000 and 2003,

D202 Copy of Bill to constitute Duns as County Town of Berwickshire 1903

D203 Duns Park Bowling Club 1996-1996 - The First Hundred Years

D204 Cuttings from the People's Journal June 1957 re. dance at Drill Hall Duns deleted

D205 Records (23 books) of the firm of David Spouse, haulage contractors from 1944.

D206 Notes on the Shoemakers' Banner and David Patterson, shoemaker Castle Street.

D207 Notes on the Battle of Nesbit Moor.

D208 2005 Calendar produced by the rotary Club comparing images with 1905

D209 Various records donated by Royal British Legion Duns, including; Comrades of the Great War 1918-1928,Minutes1924-37, 1938 -1957, 1959-1977,1966 -1997, 1969 - 1983,1980-1984, 1983-1994, 1994-2001, Ladies' Section 1991-1997 Cash Books 1927- 1930, 1931 -1934, 1935-1942, Account book 1987-94. Lottery 2010-2012, Visitors book 2011

D210 Royal British Legion - 90th. anniversary dinner menu.

D211 Extract from Wilson's 'Tales of the Borders' - The Death of Chevalier De la Beaute

D212 Order of Service for Duns Parish Church, The Kirking of the Reiver ceremonies 2010, 2011 and 2013?

D212a Copy of poster advertising Eyemouth Choral and Glee Club Concert 8th. March 1867

D213 Citation to serve as a juror at Duns Sheriff Court March 1970

D214 Duns Coat of Arms - Ja Ja Heraldic Series

D215 Border Life issues containing articles 'Duns Fashion Show, (Dec 1966), 'Jean M Speedy Looks at Duns' (May 1967) 'Berwickshire High School' by Jennifer Brown (August 1967) and 'People and Places at Duns, by Ian B Smith (August 1968)

D216 Account by Scott Angus of life at John Watson's School Marchmont during World War 2

D217 Duns Old and Boston (later Duns Parish) Church magazines December 1975 to June 2006 (with gaps) (68 editions)

D218 Poster for Municipal Election Duns 1965 with details of candidates, proposers and assentors

D219 Magazine Bonkyl and Preston, Chirnside and Edrom Allanton Church April 2001

D220 Programme for Duns Golf Club Centenary Ball 1994.

D221Border Musical (Competition) Festival (certificates 3) awarded to Mary Millar 1927/28/29

D222 Vocal Solos awards do

D223 Booklet issued by Duns Town Council on the opening of the Cairnbank Sewage Works in 1970 detailing the history of sewage and sewage treatment works in the Town

D224 Paper Bag of A Walkinshaw Baker and Grocer Duns, found under the floorboards at 40 Newtown Street.

D225 Order of Service for the laying up of the Colours of the KOSB 20.10.1996.

D226 Order of Service for Memorial Service to Lt Col. Sir William B Swan 20.12.1990

D227 Fishwick – from ‘The History of Berwickshire’s Towns and Villages, by Robert J Glover 2002 – published by Glover Press Duns

D228 Duns Workingmen’s Institute - rules for the hire of the Reading room and agenda and minutes for AGM 2009.

D229 Berwickshire News Supplement to mark ‘Duns 500’ 1989.

D230 Third Statutory Review of Electoral Arrangements SBC area July 1998

D231 Photographic album of Marjery A S William Berwick 1923 to 1928 also Ministry of Transport directives for Road Users 1930.

D232 Tweeddale Press Supplement to mark the opening of Borders General Hospital 1.7.1988

D233 Copy of account of expenses in connection with the funeral of Mary Hood widow of George Melville, merchant Duns 1764

D234 Two Magazine articles (in German) on A.A. Campbell-Swinton

D 235 The People’s Friend No 7081 October 2005 with article of Duns (donated by Sandra Snowie)

D236 ‘Back in the Days’ magazine no 6 containing article by Sheila Whitehead recalling her appointment as Reiver’s Lass in1960

D237 Lair plan of Duns Cemetery

D238 Programme for the Kirking of the Reiver July 2014

D239 Programme for Summer Festival Dinner 1966.

D240 Journal compiled by Mary H C, Johnston, Duns of her visit to South Africa, Australia and Tasmania 1983.

D241 Receipt by Adam Paterson and Son, Galashiels to Mrs. Haggarty, china merchant Duns for the supply of 35 bags of bones. April 1880.

D242 Articles of Roup dated 1812 relating to subjects in Duns situated on ‘The South side of the Horse Market’ and others sometime belonging to George Darling weaver Duns and disponed to John Gray tobacconist and Thomas Holywell feuar.

D243 The Game of Ball as played in Dunse by Thomas Brown from the History of the Berwickshire Naturalists Club 1843.

D244 Papers relating to the Incorporation of Hammermen 1782.

D245 Web download from Wikepedia on the Battle of Duns 1372.

D246 Depiction of Weddderburn Aisle in Duns Churchyard 1874 - Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club.

D247 Five letters dated 1862-1865 from William Graham, ironmonger and general merchant Market Square to his son George largely reporting on business. Also correspondence with jane Hellebrand with transcripts of further letters

D248 Brief History on the family of Houston-Boswall of Blackadder House and notes on Blackadder House including article from Berwickshire Advertiser 14.4.1925 on its demolition.

D249 British Railways Illustrated Magazine October 2015 with article on derailment at Duns August 1965.

D250 Leaflet on the history of Duns Parish Church by Kenneth McLean - also Berwickshire News article 28.1.2016.

D251 The Jim Clark Trophy Collection- from the opening of the Trophy Room April 1969

D252 Order of Service Funeral Jim Clark Chirnside 1968

D253 Annual Report of the Burgh Surveyor of Duns 1974 (last report) donated by R.A. Martin

D254 Programme of Celebrations to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V 1935

D255 ‘The Advertiser’ Directory of Berwickshire 1938 (copy)

D256 Various newspaper reports etc. relating to Chirnside Paper Mill and Young Trotter

D257 Papers relating to the establishment of the Ellem Fishing Club 1829 – the oldest continuing trout angling club in the world.

D258 Poem by Thomas Watts 1883 relating to the death by drowning of John Turner in the River Whiteadder.

D259 Various papers relating to the ‘Secret Army (Resistance) during World War 2 with information on known members also weapons and bunkers.

D260 Various papers relating to the Hunters of Duns.

D261 Gravekeepers records for Edrom Churchyard 1908 to 1940 and Preston Road Duns Cemetery 1948 to 1967*.

D262 Various papers relating to Duns Parish Church including magazines, April 1993, December 1998 and March 1999 also order of service for the visit of the Moderator April 1995 and introduction of Rev Stephen A Blakey, January 2013, pamphlet on the rebuilding of the Church and 2017 Statistical Synopsis.

D263 Box of papers pertinent to Robert Gourlay, joiner Sinclair’s Hill.

D264 Newspaper cutting showing Remembrance Day Service 1882 and Leon (John) Jarmasczak

D265 The Cammo Foundry by Night (article from the Berwickshire Advertiser 1896)

D266 Border Tractors Drivers’ Club Ploughing match Results 22.11.1958

D267 Pamphlet relating to the Garrett Family Bible - link to the family of Elizabeth Richardson born Duns 1849. D268 Extracts relating to Duns from ‘The Political State of Scotland in the last Century,’ published 1887.

D269 List of shop-keepers in Duns, 1926.

D270 Extracts relative to Berwickshire from the book The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland by the Rev. John Marious Wilson c. 1866 – also Bradshaw’s Descriptive Railway Hand-Book

D271 A Potted history of Christ Church Duns (draft) by Janet Sharkey.

D272 Programme and other papers relating to the admission of Wm Renton as Honorary Burgess 29.11.1974 D273 Notebook kept by Wm Renton, Town Clerk Duns principally of derivation of names and history of Parishes with various newspaper and other cuttings.

D274 Transcript of Anniversary Address to Berwickshire Naturalists by Brigid McEwen dated 11th.October 1973 on Lady Bell and Lord P of Marchmont – also article on ‘Domestic Life in the Great House in the 18th. century.

D275 Draft of book The Streets of Duns by Wm Renton 1978

D276 Draft of article by Wm Renton on Witchcraft in Duns and surrounding area

D277 Notes on Nisbet House and its History complied by Wm Renton.

D278 Programme for the conferment of the Freedom of Duns on the King’s Own Scottish Borderers 22.7.1972

D279 Newspaper article on the granting to Duns Town Council by Wm Renton of a new Burgh Standard

D280 Programme for the Summer Festival 1977, History trail to Duns Law, 1974 and other papers relating to Reiver’s Week from the collection of Wm Renton, town Clerk

D281 Newspaper article regarding a blizzard March 1979.

D282 Book of Newspaper cuttings and other documents put together by Wm Renton Town Clerk

D283 Newspaper cutting relative to the unveiling of the statue to Wojtek the Bear 28.4.2016

D284 List of Photographers in Borders area 1864- 1914

D285 Photograph 1953 showing Ronald Mackat, Lord Easiie as a pupil at Duns Primary School 1953 and web downloads on subsequent career

D286 Information re James Redden K.O.S.B. killed in France 25.9.1916 and letter from his mother dated 29.4.1919 D287 Article by Andrew Plumridge on the Bastie Monument at Broomhouse, also Family tree of the Homes and Logan-Hoes of Broomhouse.

D288 Article from ‘The Bells of Berwickshire’ on Duns Old Parish Church Bell

D289 Extract from the book ‘The Family of Hay of Duns Castle’ published 1930 re William James Hay b. 1827,

D290 Article on The Hiring Fair by Rachael Weir 1961.

D291 Programme of events to celebrate the silver jubilee of George V and Queen Mary – also paper bag in like commemoration.

D292 Essay entitled ‘The Generation Gap’ written in 1979 by an octogenarian (author?)

D293 Notes and background to ‘Operation Sunflower’ with photograph of Van Gough recreation taken at Heriot Bank Whitsome.

D294 Correspondence on the Berwickshire Fencible Cavalry with information on those with a Duns connection who served.

D295 Letter dated 6 July 1843 from the Office of the Special Commissioner Free Church of Scotland to the Rev. Dr. Brown, Langton admitting him as a minister of that Church.

D296 Copy of ‘Berwickshire News’ of 17 August 1948 reporting on flooding, (also cutting from the ‘ Scotsman’) D297 Various papers and files relating to the Speedy family and Southfield Military Hospital, including journals with soldiers’ wartime recollections, personal diaries and papers, book ‘In Edinburgh Now’ drafts and indexes for book ‘The Soldiers Remember, newspaper extracts, books donated, school reports, genealogies etc.

D298 Letters dated 1995 from Heinrich Brand, Germany to Jimmy Borthwick, Duns thanking him for friendship and cordiality when he had been a prisoner of war during W.W.11 and worked at West Printonan Farm (with book of photographs).

D299 Photo extracts from title deeds of Ninian Davidson, clockmaker relative to property in Market Square.

D300 Download from ‘Old Scottish’ of Duns male Heads of Household 1834 and 1835.

D301Papers on the histories of various properties in Duns with background information on the families as compiled by David Mclean viz.; 1) Southfield 2) The Knoll, 3) Duns Auction Mart 4) The Hermitage 5) Fenton Lodge and 6) Lanark Lodge, 7) Public Park 8) Wellnager 9) Council Housing 10) The Millburn Schools (Duns Parish) and The Happers

D302 Menu and programme re Complimentary Dinner to Reiver and Lass 1967, D303 photocopy of programme for Concert by South Church Guild 27th. Oct 1920

D304 Original copies dated 1789 of various Charters granted by Watson, Solicitors largely relating to ground in Newtown Street.

D305 List of office bearers and members of Lodge Duns 23 on resuscitation 30 March 1901

D306 Restoration of Cumledge Mill

D307 Church Newsletters

D308 Copy of The Peoples Friend featuring Duns

D309 Leaflet – Crumstane Farm Park

D310 A Soldier: His Prayer - cutting from paper Cupboard 1 Ass. Items file 1

D311 Report of Trial Scotts v. Home Drummond and Herriot - Cupboard 1 Ass. Items file 1

D312 First Aid certificate – Reginald Jones - 27th May, 1963 + second 12th April 1964 Cupboard 1 Ass. Items file 1

D313 Railway ticket Edinburgh – Galashiels off peak return Cupboard 1 Ass. Items file 1

D314 Duns and District Parish Rememberance Services 11th Nov. 2018 Cupboard 1 Ass. Items file 1

D315 Print out from of KSOB soldiers who died in the WW1 Cupboard 1 Ass. Items file 1

D316 Duns Town Trail map Cupboard 1 Ass. Items file 1

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