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A detail of the various books, records and other documents held by the Society is set out below and on the two succeeding pages.

Anyone seeking further information on any of these documents or wishing to view them should get in touch with the Society Archivist Ronald (tel. 01361 882166) with whom arrangements can be made.

The Society is always on the look-out for any photograph, document or paper relating to the history of Duns and its people and we should be delighted to hear from anyone who is willing to share any such with us. Items can be very easily and quickly scanned and photocopied and the originals returned


1 Aerial

1)10 aerial views of Duns 1940s/50s.
2) Aerial view of Churchyard prior to road widening and realignment

2 Churches

a Parish Church
1) Image of pre.1790 Church
2) Congregation and credits during 'Songs of Praise'
3) Former Church Manse immediately prior to demolition (4 images)

b Boston Church
1) From Station Road (showing cattle being driven from Auction Mart
2) do from the Park

c) Surrounding area
1) Polwarth Church
2) Fogo Church (Lych Gate and War Memorial)
3) Langton Church

Memorial Stones

a) Memorial stone to the Rev. John Robertson in former South Church
b) Memorial to Ann Smith Free Church Gavinton
3) Burial Aisle Langton Estate
4) Symbolic stone Duns Churchyard
5) Notice regarding burials in Parish Church 1859
6) Tomb of Duns Scotus, Cologne Cathedral

Thomas Boston
a) image of former Boston House
b) Boston House c. 1950

3 Duns Buildings

a) Tolbooth 1690 - etching
b) The former Corn Exchange

  • 1) image

  • 2) foundation stone - now in wall of Co-operative Building Newtown Street

c) Former library
d) Former Auction Mart - two images
e) County Building
f) Volunteer Hall
g) Royal Bank of Scotland -1930s.
h) Mercat Cross

  • 1 In the Park (five images)

  • 2 Newspaper images of reconstruction in Market Square

4 Duns Law

a) Covenanters' stone - 2 images
b) Stone marking the site of the old town of Duns
c) View from Duns Law (corn sheaves)
d) do - general showing Town Hall - probably pre. 1930

5 Duns Public Park

1. Duns Scotus Memorial
2. Park keeper using old fashioned mower

6 Duns Regal Cinema Easter Street

a) Commissionaire
b) Sandra Jones/Snowie outside Cinema
c) Cinema Cafe menu
d) Cinema Programme cover May 1956
e) Page from above

7 Duns Scotus

a) Statue Public Park - two images
b) Depiction - 2
c) Tomb Cologne Cathedral

8  Duns Shops/Public Houses

1. W Curle Castle Street.
2.Hairdressers - Market Square?
3. K.E. Binnie (haberdashery).
4. J Dewar, cabinetmaker
5. Robert Douglas, Castle Street.
6. Whip and Saddle and McNeil's Market Square
7. Luke and Hogg's Garage North Street.
8. Plough Inn - Andrew Turnbull.
9. Storey's Confectioner (with adverts)
10. J.C. Rae Ironmonger
11. D Porter jeweller Market Square
12. Cowe (now Youngman's) Market Square
13. David Veitch wine merchant Market Square
14. Howie Costumier (now Post Office)
15. Unknown tobacconist
16.R.L. Stevenson tobacconist
17. Stephenson, Ironmongers

9 Duns Streets

Market Square
a) Regiments' Badge Day
b) Fair in the Square
c) General views -4
d) Whip and Saddle
e) Royal Bank 1930s
f) Swan Hotel
g) Newspaper images showing re-erection of Mercat Cross 1993
Bridgend b) General view - 6 different
Castle Street
1) Old shop with outside stairway (shown opposite)
2) 1961 showing Robert Douglas's shop
3) Top
Currie Street
1) W Curle's shop
2) House (Miss Renton) (baby in window)
3)aerial view prior to re-alignment of Bridgend/Currie Street
Easter Street
1) c. 1890 showing children and Middlemiss's Hotel
2) c. 1960 showing George Stewart grocer and former cinema
Eglinton Castle now demolished - opening besides Workingmen's Institute - 2 different
Hardens Road Shepherd with sheep
Langtongate - 4 views
Murray Street - 4 views
Newtown Street
1 General view - 4 different
2. Original Boston House (destroyed by fire 1981)
3. Boston House c. 1945
North Street
1.Luke and Hogg's Garage
2. Old property (next to Plough Inn
Preston Road General view of Duns from c. 1900
South Street pen and ink drawing 1820
Station Road
Cattle in front of Boston Church
Tiendhillgreen - two images

Old property Castle Street

10 Duns Tolls

a) Cheeklaw Toll House
b) Old Toll House

11 Duns Town Hall

1. Military Band 7.7.1917 (two images)
2. Town Hall and Murray Street from newspaper image 6.12.1925
3. Gathering outside Town Hall for announcement (date unknown) (from Berwickshire News 31.8.2000).
4. Reiver's election
5.12 images of Town Hall (or features of)
6. Youngsters in the Square c.1950
7.Rideout in the Square c. 1950
8. Military Display (occasion unknown)
9.pen and ink drawing
10 3 images taken immediately prior to demolition 1966
11 Town Hall Bell
12.'Likely Lads' on Town Hall steps.