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A detail of the various maps, drawings and designs held by the Society.

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 Anyone seeking further information on any of these documents or wishing to view them should get in touch with the Society Archivist, Ronald Morrison (tel. 01361 882166) with whom arrangements can be made.

M.P.D.1 Plan of Langton Estate - prepared for public roup 1924?
M.P.D. 2 Plan of Dunse by J Wood 1824 from survey by Mr. Blackadder 1821.
M.P.D. 3 O.S. 1898 - Greenlaw
M.P.D. 4 Working Drawings for spire Duns Town Hall 25th. March 1816.
M.P.D. 5 Detail of W.W.2. Bombs dropped in Berwickshire.
M.P.D. 6 Air Ministry Map of ‘The Border’ War Office 1942.
M.P.D. 7 O.S. 1907  Lammermuir Hills - Cockburn Mill.
M.P.D. 8 O.S. 1908 Earlston - Yarlside.
M.P.D. 9 O.S. 1906 Berwickshire - Georgefield.
M.P.D. 10 O.S.1906 Earlston Fans.
M.P.D. 11 O.S. 1898 Duns Station.
M.P.D. 12 Oxendean House Duns -plans for central heating 1935.
M.P.D 13 O.S. 1908 Berwickshire - Cumledge.
M.P.D 14 Berwickshire Agricultural Society - plan of showground.
M.P.D. 15 O.S. 1908 Mellerstain.
M.P.D 16 Oxendean Bridge Restoration 1921 (2 plans plus letter).
M.P.D. 17 Plan of Kidsheil and Kidsheil Haug by John Blackadder 1821.
M.P.D 18 O.S. Berwickshire - Duns Wood.
M.P.D 19 O.S. Index Plan Northumberland c 1860.
M.P.D. 20 Duns and Environment by George King 1864.
M.P.D. 21 Plan of Knockhill 1846?
M.P.D.22 Plans (four) relative to the building of Berwickshire High School 1953.
M.P.D. 23 Bound volume of Ordnance Survey Plans of Dunse and Chirnside 1858.
M.P.D. 24 Map of Jedburgh 1898 showing Allars Mill.
M.P.D. 25 O.S. Survey Map 1862 of Borthwick Castle with drawing of 1839 and notes.
M.P.D.26 Map of Duns showing parish boundaries (date unknown)
M.P.D. 27 Plan of Commonty of Coldingham by James Veitch 1773.
M.P.D. 28 Peebles and Galashiels 1-inch 1925
M.P.D. 29 O.S. Kelso do 1926
M.P.D.30 O.S. Hawick and Eskdale do 1922
M.P.D. 31 O.S. Hexham do
M.P.D.32 O.S. Hawick (3rd. edition 1914)
M.P.D. 33 O.S. Falkirk and Lanark 1971
M.P.D. 34 O.S. Jedburgh 1964 do.
M.P.D. 35 O.S. Anwick 1985 (cloth mounted)
M.P.D. 36 do Hexham (cloth mounted)
M.P.D. 37 O.S. Roberton 2.5 inch 1950
M.P.D. 38 O.S. Hawick   do
M.P.D. 39 O.S.Wooler 1954.
M.P.D. 40 Duns and Longformacus.
M.P.D. 41 Pathfinder Duns and Longformacus 2.5 inches 1984
M.P.D. 42 O.S Berwick 1938 6 inches.
M.P.D. 43 Bartholemew 0.5 inch Berwick and Haddington
M.P.D.44  do  2 inch Hawick and Borders.
M.P.D 45 Battle of Normandy 3.5 inch 1947 reprint