BRINLAW (GRINLAW) ALEXANDER; clock and watchmaker. Born Berwickshire c. 1786. Recorded as watchmaker in Dunse in 1805 when he married Agnes Haliday. 1841 recorded as watchmaker North Street, Dunse. Died before 1851. All records show the name as Grinlaw but on face of clock clearly shown as "Brinlaw".

BRINLAW ANDREW; son of the above born Duns 1807 - married Janet Scott. 1841 watchmaker in New Town Street. 1851 clock and watchmaker in Black Bull Street employing one man. Died 1865 from typhoid fever.

Brinlaw Clock

Brinlaw Clock depicting rustic scenes

                    Face of Another Brinlaw Clock again showing a rustic scene.
This clock shows the name as 'Grinlaw' - currently in Ontario, Canada

      Face of a
Clock by Alexander Brinlaw clearly showing a date of 1702. Currently in Buckinghamshire

Another Grinlaw Clock currently in Ontario, Canada (currently missing weights)


Clockface recording the name as Grinlaw
Clock currently in the Netherlands


Another Clockface recording the name as Grinlaw and depicting a hunting scene. This clock formerly belonged to John Wilson of Edington Farm and Wellnage

WILLIAM BRUNTON; recorded 1824.

DAVIDSON NINIAN; Clock and Watchmaker Dunse 1798 to 1820. Born c 1767 he had been apprenticed to John Scott watchmaker in Newcastle-upon-Tyne  for five years from 1783.Worked in Edinburgh 1788. Married Elizabeth Sligh, daughter of Adam Sligh, farmer Drakesmyre, Berwickshire. At least one daughter who emigrated to New Zealand. He later gave up life as a clockmaker and became a farmer at Foulden New Mains. He died there on 10th. October 1845 and is buried in the Churchyard at Foulden.


Davidson Clock in the collection of Museum Services, Duns

  Davidson Clock at The House of Binns Linlithgow.
Found in this clock during the course of restoration a note which read
"Dunse May 6 1808
I can say when this put in but Lord
knows when it will be taken out again.
We'll all be deid and rotten by that time"

This Davidson clock also belonged to the Wilson family of Edrington Mains. It is an alarm clock, the alarm being set from the small brass dial on the centre spindle


Another Davidson clock face


A Davidson clock currently in Rochester New York. Believed to have been taken to the United States by the family when they emigrated. Again keeps perfect time

This Davidson clock is currently in Virginia, U.S.A. The name is possibly shown as 'Nin' Davidson and the location as Edinburgh perhaps dating to 1788. Again reported as keeping excellent time.

DAVIDSON JAMES; son of above recorded 1808.

EDINGTON JAMES; 16 North Street Duns 1866 to 1897. Born 1831 Ayton. Married 1) = Catherine Pyle 2) = Maria ? Six known children.1881 census records as 'employing one apprentice'. Son James, also a watchmaker, emigrated to Australia.

GIBSON ADAM; Clock and watchmaker Duns 1777. Apprenticed to Alexander Gibson, watchmaker Kelso 15.3.1765. Married  Margaret Wilson. Per Barony Records appointed bourlawman 1781).

images of an Adam Gibson clock presently in Canada


GIBSON GEORGE; Clock and watchmaker Murray Street 1866 to 1897. Born England c 1840.

GIBSON JOHN; Clock and watchmaker Duns 1860.

GRAHAM J and W; Clock and watchmakers Duns c.1820.

GRAY THOMAS; apprentice watchmaker Duns 1808.

HALL WILLIAM; watchmaker Easter Street 1866.

JEFFRIE PETER; clock and watchmaker Langtongate Duns 1893-1897. Born 1853 Langton.

LEGGET JOHN; clockmaker Duns c.1720.

MARSHALL WILLIAM; clock and watchmaker Duns c.1815-1820.

MASON WILLIAM; clock and watchmaker Duns c.1810. Son of George Mason, papermaker Broomhouse Mill and Janet Virtue. Died October 1821. Buried in Edrom Churchyard.

POLWARTH WILLIAM; clock and watchmaker Duns c.1825.

Face of clock by Thomas Gray depicting military scene


MASON WILLIAM; clock and watchmaker Duns c.1810. Son of George Mason, papermaker Broomhouse Mill and Janet Virtue. Died October 1821. Buried in Edrom Churchyard.


George 111 boxwood inlaid mahogany by W Mason with eight day striking movement. Dial depicts continents of  Europe, Asia, America and Africa below rural scene of lady with birdcage and young child
This clock was for sale in November 2010 at 5950 - A similar or probably the same clock was offered for sale by a different dealer at the same price Sept. 2010.

Another William Mason clock currently in Suffolk

This clock has been restored at some point and the word Dunse has been erroneously depicted as "Douse"


POLWARTH WILLIAM; clock and watchmaker Duns c.1825.

SCOTT RICHARD; clockmaker Duns 1787 (recorded in Barony records as standing cautioner for one William Symington weaver Dunse).


This clock by Scott of Dunse was spotted on a Danish Auction Site being sold by their German Branch in Flensburg.
The upset price was 675 Euros but unfortunately it failed to attract any bids..

TAYLOR JAMES; clock and watchmaker Duns 1837.

WILLIAM WALDIE; clockmaker Market Place Duns c.1830-1858. Son of David Waldie staymaker and Isobel Patterson and wife of Isabella Aitchison. Died 28.1.1858 aged 67. Survived by one son and six daughters. Buried in Duns Churchyard.


This clock in oak by Waldie of Dunse, privately owned in Exeter would seem to depict the escape of Mary, Queen of Scots from Lochleven Castle plus images of Scottish Enlightenment poets Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Allan Ramsay and Robert Ferguson.
  Face of another Waldie Clock from Canada depicting rustic scenes. Unfortunately while the face and workings have survived the casing is missing.   Waldie Clock, the property of the Society. This Clock shows Britannia triumphant and depicts Nelson's naval victories at Camperdown, The Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar.  



  Another Waldie Clock currently in Derbyshire. Depicts hunting scene. The face might seem to have been restored at some point with the name 'Waldie' being misread.   Another Waldie Clock currently in Minnesota U.S.A. Purchased by a clock restorer at an estate sale in New York 1965/66. Depicts rustic scenes. Much inlay work which is unusual. Height from floor to finial top 226 cm. Keeps excellent time.   Still another Waldie Clock. This one currently in Idaho U.S.A. (where the family emigrated to from the Duns area) has images depicting women from Ireland, England and Scotland. Again apparently in excellent condition   This clock, currently in Gloucestershire was included with a number of items of furniture in a house in Glasgow purchased in the early 1940s from the family of McGlashan. Image of a grand house beside a river. A very intricately painted pendulum. Yet again the clock seems to keep excellent time.


WALKER W; clockmaker Duns 1808

While most of the above would construct the works and mechanisms the casings would probably be made by local joiners probably particularly Dewars, joiners and cabinetmakers, 12 Murray Street. They are also recorded as having made casings for a clockmaker of the name McGregor in Ayton which were taken from Duns to Ayton by barrow.



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