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A detail of the various documents held by the Society.


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A1 Painted glass window pane with initials.
A2 Range fireplace from Whitchester House.
A3 Bag of horse shoes.
A4 Leather stretcher and tools.
A5 Cauldron.
A6 Munitions Box.
A7 White China two handled jug (lid and handle broken, not complete).
A8 Apothecaries jar and two glass bottles.
A9 Two large ladles.
A10 Record Player - Dimaphone.
A11 Radiogram;
A12 Two Church Communion Tokens Duns Associate Congregational Church 1744 - John White Sn. minister.
A13 Medal Borders Football Amateur League Championship 1911 -1912.
A14 Clear Medicine Bottle W.M. Gunn Chemist Duns
A15 Green Medicine Bottle Dr. F.P. Meehan Duns.
A16 Former Town Hall Bell.
A17 Presentation Box of Articles unearthed by Berwickshire Metal Detecting Club - gifted September 2003.
A18 Flag of Duns Football Club.
A19 Police Sign from Swinton Police Station (with photograph of in situ), also two police helmets and small Berwickshire Constabulary hessian collection bag.
A20 Display Hoarding from the British Legion Hall for the showing of “Cecil B de Mills' “The Crusaders”.
A21 Picture and montage of Duns Football Club c 1910 in dark wood frame
A22 Painting of Toddle Merrie Cottage Duns.
A23 Framed print of Duns Castle
A24 Fireman’s? Boot (steel capped)
A25 Flatley airer/dryer.
A26 Two cast iron chimney grannies?
A27 Carrier Bag from Jay’s south Street Duns.
A28 Servant’s summons bell from the Episcopal Manse Duns.
A29 Plaque resented to Mrs. Borthwick and her daughters 10th. June 1943 by G. C. Gajozik, Polish priest billeted at Westwood Gavinton.
A30 Two pencils promoting Clockmill Engineering Duns.
A31 Duns Coronation Mug of 1902, Edward V11 and Queen Alexandra.
A32 Collection of Lantern Slides.
A33 Box containing solution of Morphine Tartrate (empty.)
A34 Radio Brimar Valve.
A35 Bialaddan Mantle.
A36) Case of old bottles found in attic of former Unionist Rooms.
A37) Cigarette Lighter from WWI Shell?
A38) Small Cannonball found at Battlemuir by Duns.
A39) Carriage Lamps. (4)
A40 Slate used at Langton School.
A41 Rolls Razor Strop.
A42) Mincer.
A43)Wooden board from byre at Duns Mill Farm with hand written notes re. progress of First World War.
A44) Civil Defence Jacket and beret 1961 "Intelligence Operation (4 badges, cloth in breast pocket) lanyard attached to breast pocket.
A45 School slate.
A46 Egg weighing machine.
A47 Scout leader's pole.
A48 Set of three knives, 1 large 2 small and one leather holster plus straight Ghurka knife also in leather holster.
A50 Pair of wooden and metal ice skates.
A51 Two home spun table cloths bearing the name Robert Lauder,Slegden and the date 1827.
A52 Reiver's Lass's Bonnet.
A53 Plate from David Porter's Duns (image of chaffinch).
A54 Label from blanket, Cumledge Mill.
A55 Tray cloth depicting Duns Primary School embroidered by Isa Jones.
A56 Homepride cotton flour bag.
A57 Rathburne Hotel, Longformacus Cocktail stick.
A58 The Lady Carmichael Berwickshire Beekeeping Association Medal 1894 won by Mr. John Johnstone, Presto.
A59 Broken bottle Peter Robertson special stout 15 South Street, Duns.
A60 Two tea bags, William Paterson, wine and spirit merchant, 15 South Street Duns.
A61 Two Mugs Berwickshire High School and Duns 500.
A62 Vintage 'flapper' dress.
A63 Two horse brasses - Charles and Diana 1981 plus 1d.
A64 Ceramic 'shoe' with Duns insignia (new Devon Pottery).
A65 Mouthorgan.
A66 Butter pats (2).
A67 R.A.C. Badge.
A68 Soldier kit bag with clasp and groundsheet W.W.2.
A69 Embroidered table cloth for Coronation of King Edward V111 (King who never reigned).
A70 Cumledge Mill blanket with Union Border - made for Peterhead Prison?
A71 Duns Shield - 1966 colours.
A72 Wind-up 'Drunken Man' purchased at Highland Show Melrose 1936.
A73 Framed embroidery to mark the Coronation of King George V1 by J Jones, Easter Street. A74 Collection of lapel badges, Red Cross and Junior Red Cross (6) Civil Defence, Handiwives Guild, Christian Herald, S.P.C.A., British Legion, Women's Section W.R.I. (2)
A75 5 milk plastic tokens East Lothian Co-operative Society.
A76 Berwickshire High School Blazer Badge, 1956 plus lapel badge.
A77 2 Duns Primary School badges (red one Hay House).
A78 Blanket labels (2) Laidlaws (Cumledge Mill).
A79 Painting painted at Newton House School, Duns 1899 by Elizabeth Simson aged 12 years (Elizabeth Simson subsequently married Mr. McAlpine from Ryeslaw and had connections with the Swan Hotel).
A80 Five 'Unsung heroes of the Borders' beer mats; Andrew Lang, Tommy Fasson, Thomas and Robert Clapperton, Mary Sommerville and Willie Spears. Also David Hume 250th. anniversary beer mat.
A81 Rudyard Kipling mug - The absent minded beggar.
A82 Romany Cup.
A83 Two spoons - (Nunraw Abbey and Margaret Thatcher).
A84 Duns souvenir tax disc holder.
A85 Part of banister from Duns East Church, Easter Street.
A86 Curling stone used on Hen Poo.
A87 Concho Shell in memory of the Rev. W.D. Herald minister Duns 1882 to 1906.
A88 Cup and saucer showing depiction of Duns Castle.
A89 Table cloth signed by employees of Robert Pringle, Duns.
A90 Duns Primary School badge.
A91 Medal Longformacus Rifle Club 1909 awarded to Alexander Lawrie.
A92 Milk bottle top from Simpson's Dairy, Duns.
A93 Tweezers used at Cumledge Mill.
A94 Charles and Diana Crown, Silver Jubilee Crown, 2 half crowns and 3d. piece.
A95 Domino Championship Cup and Plaque.
A96 RAF uniform and greatcoat also W.W.2 Padre Uniform.
A97 Tea Box - J Robertson Duns.
A98 Duns Football Club medal.
A99 Toc H Display Board/lamp/wall board/sign and literature.
A100 Domino League Score Sheet.
A101 Framed Cartoon dated 1793 showing 'Old' Hunter, bank agent Duns and Mr. Hog Harcase.
A102 Cup (Anglia Arcadian) with Duns Coat of Arms.
A103 Duns Dings A' rosette.
A104 Horn Spoon with Duns Coat of Arms.
A105 Concho Shell in memory of Rev. W.D. Herald 1850 - 1906
A106 Cup and Saucer showing depiction of Duns Castle
A107 Table cloth signed by employees at Robert Pringle Duns.
A108 Duns Primary School badge.
A109 Medal Longformacus Rifle Club 1909 awarded to Alexander Lawrie.
A110 TT Milk bottle top from Simpson's Dairy, Duns.
A112 Tweezers used at Cumledge Mill.
A113 Charles/Diana Crown, Silver Jubilee Crown, 2 half crowns and 3d. piece.
A114 Domino Championship cup and plaque.
A115 R.A.F. Uniform and greatcoat also W.W.2 Padre Uniform.
A116 Tea Box J Robertson, Duns.
A117 Duns Football Club Medal (J. Mabon).
A118 Toc H Display Board/lamp/walboard/sign and literature.
A119 Domino League Score Sheet.
A120 Framed Cartoon dated 1783 showing 'Old Hunter' bank agent, Duns and Mr. Hog Harcase.
A121 Cup (Anglia Arcadian) with Duns Coat of Arms.
A122 Duns Dings A' Rosette.
A123 Milk bottle (with cap) Simpson's Dairy 17-19 South Street Duns.
A124 Beer bottle - Smith, Riddell & co. Kelso.
A125 Various framed photographs presented by British Legion, Duns - Rev. H. Mackay dedicating new flag, Conferment of Freedom of Duns on K.O.S.B. 1972, Erskine Hill Trophy (bowling) 1947, Memorial Service 1981, Guard of Honour 1930.
A126 Wall plaque - British Legion Duns Roll of Honour.
A127 Collection of WW2 artefacts including gas mask, respirator, eyeshields, anti-gas ointment, cap, badges, tabs etc. also George 111 silver coin.
A128 Women's Rural Friendship table cloth with names - Margaret O'Brien President 1980.
A129 Top half of little drummer boy outfit 1948 - Mrs. Forbes' Dancing Class.
A130 Cup with Duns Coat of Arms.
A131 Bowler hat with label of James Blaikie, 18 Currie Street Duns.
A132 Various Military insignia (Polish?) found in a property at 26 Bridgend.
A133 One of the final rolls of paper from Chirnside Mill.
A134 Chairman's and Vice Chairman's Chain of Office, Duns and District Round Table with names 1975-1999.
A135 Tie with Duns Coat of Arms.
A136 Chairman and Vice-Chairman's chain of office, Duns and District Round Table with names 1975-1999.
A137 Toc H Badge.
A138 Mounted montage of Duns related photogrpahs and advertisements.
A139 Games Champion medal, Berwickshire High Scool awarded to A.S.Miller 1924.